See You Later, Sweetener

See You Later, Sweetener

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See You Later, Sweetener

Bag 5 Apr 2021

Sweeteners have become a hot topic, raising questions about their impact on health. Artificial sweeteners, offering sweetness without the calories, have stirred debates about their safety. Research links them to issues like type 2 diabetes and obesity, bringing into focus the processed compounds they introduce into our bodies.

What You Need to Know About Sweeteners

For those new to the world of sweeteners, here’s a quick rundown of their potential side effects:

  • Weight Loss Hurdle: They can hinder your efforts to shed pounds.
  • Mood Consideration: Some may induce feelings of depression.
  • Long-Term Concerns: Prolonged use might lead to toxic and carcinogenic effects.
  • Immediate Impact: Acute side effects like headaches and mood swings are associated with certain types.
  • Body Impact: They can negatively affect gut health and your dental well-being.
  • Taste Alteration: Continual use may retrain your taste buds in undesirable ways.

Choosing Safer Alternatives

Looking for a safer swap? Consider these natural alternatives for sweetness:

Maple Syrup

Derived from evaporated maple tree sap, it’s not just sweet—it’s a source of magnesium and zinc, supporting your immune system.

Raw Honey

This unfiltered, unpasteurized delight is a mineral powerhouse, packed with antioxidants that can help with seasonal allergies.

Coconut Sugar

Harvested from coconut palm flowers, it’s a treasure trove of minerals, boasting potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins.

Date Paste

Nature’s candy—dates—processed into a vegan, paleo-friendly sweetener rich in fiber and bone-loving minerals like calcium and magnesium.


Unrefined cane sugar that retains natural molasses and essential nutrients like calcium and vitamins, offering a healthier option to conventional sugar.


A flavorful liquid sweetener that enriches recipes and brings a touch of minerals to the table, perfect with spices like cinnamon and cacao.


An herb that’s a whopping 200 times sweeter than sugar, without the sugar spike. Stick to less processed forms for better benefits.

Carob Molasses

A pick-me-up for colder days, high in natural sugars, minerals like iron, calcium, and potassium, plus organic acids.

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