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Tiny But Mighty SuperFoods

8 Mar 2021

Many people face health issues due to malnutrition, micronutrient deficiencies, obesity and other diet-related diseases. Pulses are a nutrient-rich food that, as part of a healthy diet, can help fight malnutrition. Diet is fundamental to our health, we can’t stress on this enough!
Pulses are the edible seeds of plants in the legume family, that consist of a variety of peas, lentils, and beans. They provide protein and fiber, which means they are slowly digested, and are a significant source of iron, zinc, folate, and magnesium.

When you think pulses, think versatility, healthy, safe, and surprisingly cheap! Besides all that, their iron content helps transport oxygen throughout the body, which eventually boosts energy production and metabolism. Consuming half a cup of pulses per day, can enhance diet quality, AND help in losing weight!

We have three fun facts about pulses that we’d like to share with you. First, when we say think versatility, we mean that pulses aren’t only used to make meals, but can be added to protein shakes, dips and even desserts as well. Second, they are cheaper on your pocket! How come? Well, they are sold in bigger quantities, can be used as a substitute for meat, and can be used to make several dishes. Third, they have a low carbon footprint and use significantly less water than other foods. Moral of the story, eat more pulses and save the planet!

Ohh, we forgot to mention one last little detail that we find pretty interesting. For our benefit, pulse flours have been successfully used to formulate gluten-free crackers, batters and bread, snacks, and pizza dough. It was recently proved that using pulses instead of commonly used gluten-free flours and starches, can boost the protein, fiber, vitamin and mineral content of our foods.
Finally, we can confidently sum it up and say that pulses are excellent for managing digestive health issues and regulating energy levels. They have a long shelf life, are naturally gluten free, and are low in fat and sodium. Additionally, pulses contain none of the potential allergens that are required by law to be labeled.

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