A Healthy Wonder Drug Or A Guilty Pleasure?

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A Healthy Wonder Drug Or A Guilty Pleasure?

Bag 17 Feb 2021

We often focus on feeding our bodies but forget that we’re also nourishing our brains. Did you know our gut and brain are best buds, working together? What we eat doesn’t just affect our bodies—it impacts our brains too! Our digestive system doesn’t just grab nutrients; it also cooks up hormones that play memory and smarts like a symphony in our brains. Whether you’re gearing up for exams or prepping for that big work presentation, what you eat, including that morning cup of coffee, can totally supercharge your performance!

Coffee: Not Just a Cup of Joe

Let’s chat about coffee! A plain cup of joe? Only 2 calories! But hold up—once you start adding stuff like sugar or milk, those numbers go up, no surprise there!

The Buzz on Coffee’s Brain Benefits

Coffee isn’t just about waking up; it’s a memory booster too! That caffeine hit? It’s like your brain’s secret weapon against feeling sleepy. And get this—studies suggest it might turbocharge your brain’s info processing skills. Cheers to coffee, right?

Caffeine doesn’t just get your brain going; it’s a brain-protecting superhero too! Coffee’s got antioxidants that could keep your brain in tip-top shape as the years go by.

Coffee’s Superpowers: Good News for Your Brain

And here’s the best part—coffee isn’t just a morning ritual; it’s a health boost too! It might:

  • Slow down Alzheimer’s.
  • Help stave off Parkinson’s.
  • Put up a fight against dementia.
  • Maybe even add some extra years to your life!


So, coffee isn’t just a tasty drink—it’s like a brain hug in a cup! Remember, everything your brain needs, besides what it makes itself, comes from what you eat!

Think about it: that morning brew might just be your brain’s superhero elixir, keeping it sharp and happy. But hey, moderation is key! So, enjoy your coffee, feed your brain, and cheers to a healthier, smarter you!

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