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Who is behind Colour My Plate? WE ARE!

Our Story

What is Colour My Plate?

Founded in 2016 by Dubai-based clinical dietitian Hala Barghout, Colour My Plate is a meal plan delivery company offering delicious food, which is both healthy and aligned with your values. It is a concept born to create experiences where passion and purpose come together.

At Colour My Plate, we provide a customized and personalized experience to meal planning. Our aim is to offer you high quality meals using premium ingredients from reliable suppliers while focusing on your intolerances, allergies, medical conditions, and dietary requirements and goals.

With a wide and healthy selection of healthy choices, we offer low carb, vegan, pescatarian vegetarian, paleo, dairy free and gluten free options for everyone.
We currently deliver wholesome, nutritious meals on a daily basis to your home or office.

We have an open kitchen policy, where you are welcome to visit our central kitchen anytime to meet the team behind the preparation of your meals.

Colour My Plate also offers healthy catering at corporate events, house gatherings, and parties. Choose from a menu of bite sized items to hot and cold dishes and delicious treats.

We cater to gyms and cafes if you wish to stock our items at your premises.

Facts about us

We deliver

to all of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Um al Quwain, Ajman and Sharjah.

We cater

to all medical conditions, allergies, and intolerances. Thanks to our in house dietitian!

We are

refined sugar-free, preservative free, additive free, and we make EVERYTHING from scratch.

We have

a team of international chefs specialized in lactose free, gluten free and healthy cooking.

We look after

all ages, no size is too small!

We operate

out of a state-of-the-art kitchen that is inspected monthly by the quality consultants Assured Food Safety by Specifico and Co.

We serve

Food from all cuisines around the world.

We care

about the environment, and only use biodegradable packaging and cutlery.

YOU will
get out of it

Your goals accomplished

(whether weight loss, weight gain, or muscle gain)

Fall back in love with food

(because who said healthy cant be tasty?)

Know how to eat well

for YOUR body type


to portion control

Nourish yourself

and regain high energy levels


fresh, wholesome, and clean food.

To try our food, you can find us on

Message from our founder & dietician


When you land on a path that is driven by pure passion, then nothing or no one can drive you away. My passion as the founder of Colour My Plate is the work of service. I am fulfilled when I serve and help create any kind of change.

My platform of service is making nutritious, beautiful, and colourful food. We are here to empower individuals of all ages towards a healthier, greater mindset then to build stronger bodies leading to a happier life.

Feel better, live longer, and make your palate happy in the process.